About Us


We focus on building a reputation that is synonymous  for honesty, integrity and ethical dealings.This is one of our key business assets and a critical factor in ensuring the company’s ongoing success. We are a value-driven organisation underpinned by a strict Code of Conduct to which all our people, partners and suppliers are required to adhere. There is zero tolerance for any conduct that will cause damage to the company or our customers’ assets.

Our company drives its project manager’s to develop and execute projects end-to-end, while providing operations support to the team. We are able to gain detailed understanding of the business, identify opportunities for improvement, drive alignment across stakeholders with competing priorities, and deliver results in a timely manner. We ensure that all our managers have exceptional partnership and communication skills and know how to balance getting the details right while still moving fast.

We have some of the best skills in South Africa vs the world. We need to look after and nurture this talent. It is essential to invest in the leadership and skilled resources even in uncertain times so that we can retain this expertise and provide support on global projects. It is with this in mind that we developed a skills development program aimed at retention and continued development of our team members.